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Modern technological solutions have allowed us to build an asset-backed platform where your investment can bring you profit. Adding a real estate or grain project to your investment portfolio no longer requires a large allocation of funds and is as easy as clicking a button.

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Lendsecured is a crowdlending platform connecting investors and borrowers from all across Europe, providing a platform where investor funds can help in implementing the ideas of small and medium businesses and solving the lack of funding in the European agricultural sector. Every project published on LendSecured is carefully evaluated by our team of experienced professionals in asset-backed lending. All business strategies and construction plans are evaluated with our proprietary scoring system designed specifically for asset-backed financing and investing.

LendSecured publishes agricultural real estate and grain projects, and real estate development projects with an average LTV (loan to value ratio) of 37%. Every project comes with one or several additional guarantees, such as personal guarantees from business owners, insurance and three-way agreements, where the buyer of the collateral undertakes to repay the loan.

All projects are transparent. Mortgages can be monitored online on the Land Register of the Republic of Latvia and grain prices are determined by the stock market and available here.


Uzticami partneri

LendSecured understands that investors value fast and safe money transfers. This is why we have partnered with LemonWay, a well-known and trusted financial institution and one of the most successful French banks and payment solution service providers.

LemonWay is a leading payment solution service provider for the e-commerce and online marketplace industries, regulated and licensed by the Banque de France and providing its services for around 1,400 websites and 200 platforms.


Since 2012, Lemon Way has obtained an APCR Payment Institution license from Banque de France.


LemonWay performs AML & KYC procedures, satisfying all the latest European regulations.


Katrs investors saņem personīgo VIBAN (virtuālais IBAN), naudas līdzekļi tiek turēti atsevišķi no plattformas un citu lietotāju naudas līdzekļiem. Personīgais VIBAN nodrošina ātrāku naudas pārskaitījumu.

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